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  • The Role of Distinct Types of Social Norms in Improving Conflictual Intergroup Relations

The project 23-06170S, awarded by the Czech Science Foundation, investigates how normative support for intergroup interactions shapes prejudice against stigmatized groups (the Roma) and willingness to reconcile with former adversaries in a post-conflict society (Kosovo)

  • Acculturation and intergroup behaviours

The project 20-01214S, awarded by the Czech Science Foundation, investigates the dynamic relationship between acculturation preferences and the quality of intergroup relations in majority and minority members.

  • Covid-19 and immigrants

The international project in six countries examines the link between anti-COVID behaviour and attitudes toward immigrants, focusing on fear from the unknown as an underlying mechanism.

  • Acculturation and collective action

The project 17-14387S, awarded by the Czech Science Foundation, unravelled how acculturation strategies of both minority and majority members affect support for minority rights.

  • Intergroup contact and group perception

The project 13-25656S, awarded by the Czech Science Foundation, contributed to understanding how stereotypes influence the effect of intergroup contact on prejudice – both primary and secondary transfer effects.


  • The Body Image in Nature Survey (BINS) led by Viren Swami (Anglia Ruskin University, the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, and the University of Vienna)

  • Stereotypes about the Protagonists of the COVID-19 Pandemic led by Patrick Kotzur (Durham University, UK), Therese Friehs (University of Hagen, Germany), and Adrian Stanciu (Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Germany).

  • Intergroup Interactions and Personality States led by Maarten van Zalk (Osnabrück, Germany). International Situation Project led by David Funder (University of Riverside, US)

  • Cross-Cultural Project on Fundamental Social Motives led by Douglas T. Kenrick (Arizona State University, US.) Valence and Arousal Project led by Mischelle Yik (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

  • International Study of Meta-Norms led by Kimmo Eriksson (Stockholm University, Sweden) Towards Gender Harmony Project led by Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka (University of Gdańsk, Poland)


  • COST Action: CA15101 Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories led by Peter Knight (University of Manchester, UK) and Michael Butter
    (University of Tübingen, Germany)

  • Ageing as Future: Future-related activities regarding age and aging in cross-cultural perspective Grant by the Volkswagen Stiftung led by Frieder R. Lang (Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Stephan Lessenich (München, Germany), and Klaus Rothermund (Jena, Germany)

  • Social mindfulness across the globe led by Niels J. van Doesum (Leiden University, the Netherlands), Paul A. M. Van Lange (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands), and Ryan Murphy (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) Power, Status, and Legitimacy Project led by Mark Brandt (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)